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January 19, 2021,  
Protocol | Version: 68 | 1.32c

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Quake 3 Japanese Castles
Quake 3 Japanese Castles Map was added. Download link!

Quake 3 InstaGib Rail Only
InstaGib is a One-Shot, One-Kill mod, using the RailGun only. The mod, which implements the InstaGib game type, removes all items, each player is given a railgun, and makes each shot lethal.
All items and power ups have been removed from the maps. InstaGib is a Server-Side mod, which means it does not require a client download in order to play Online Multiplayer.
InstaGib is compatible with all Quake III Arena game.

Quake 3 Team Arena Maps
Capture the Flag (CTF) was already included in Quake III Arena and has always been the signature teamplay gametype in every game, so it should be very familiar to you already. Each team has a flag in its own base. The object of the game is to grab the enemy's flag and bring it back to your base, touching your flag to make a capture. The team with the most captures wins. The strategies used in CTF make up the core strategies used in any team game, so if you can master these, you're well on your way to being a solid team player in other team games as well.

The ultimate objective of CTF is to capture the enemy flag the most times. (You can check how many captures each team has by checking the score down in the lower right.) However, to help players gauge how well they might be doing, an individual scoring system also exists:

- 5 points for capturing the flag (everyone scores 5 points when you capture, the flag carrier gets no bonus)
- 2 points for fragging someone who has recently damaged your flag carrier
- 1 point for fragging an enemy player within sight or near your flag carrier
- 1 point for fragging an enemy player in your base
- 1 point for fragging an enemy player
- 2 points for fragging the enemy flag carrier
- 1 point for returning your flag
- 1 point for "assisting" a capture by returning the flag and your team capturing in four seconds
- 2 points for assisting a capture by fragging the enemy flag carrier and your team captures in four seconds.

Quake 3 Team Arena (1.32c). Join Us!

Quake 3 Team Arena Community /connect q3.hubsinfo.net

Quake 3 The Cube Map!

Is a FUN server!!
Server will be updated and developed every week.

- Few maps for Team Death Match (DM) and for Capture The Flag (CTF).
- No lag/low ping (server is in Europe).
- Our private network / dedicated server (24/7).
- Respawn Time for all weapons is for 5s.
- Maps that include all weapons (BFG included)
- Support for 32 slots (30 active + 2 private slots)
- callvote nextmap and several commands are accepted.
- Maps that include bots.
- Map-Cycling / Rotating-System.
- New skins, maps can be changed on request, friendly staff, without restrictions on chat and much more.
- fun server recommended for both, beginners and professionals

...everybody is welcomed on our servers. GL & HF!

LATEST POINT RELEASE (for Quake 3 Arena)
Quake 3 1.32c (addresses two critical security vulnerabilites) [ Windows | Linux | OSX ]
NOTE: Install 1.32 before 1.32c:
Quake 3 1.32 [ Windows | Linux | OSX ]

Fast connection: In game press on "~" and after console was opened you need to write this command:
/connect q3.hubsinfo.net

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Send 'em all here in this thread

CTF Map Rotation System

mpteam6 - Vortex Portal

mpteam4 - Scornforge

mpteam3 - Inner Sanctums

q3wcp5 - Shinning Forces

q3w2 - Courtyard Conundrum

mpctf4 - Chaos in Space

q3tourney4 - Vertical Vengeance

mptourney1 - The House of Decay

q3tourney6_ctf - Across Space

UPDATED: Our New Rotation Map Cycle!
[CTF] - Capture The Flag
[FFA] - Free For All

map mpteam6 - Vortex Portal [CTF]
map mpteam4 - Scornforge [CTF]
map mpteam3 - Inner Sanctums [CTF]
map q3wcp5 - Shinning Forces [CTF]
map q3w2 - Courtyard Conundrum [CTF]
map mpctf4 - Chaos in Space [CTF

map q3tourney4 - Vertical Vengeance [FFA]
map mptourney1 - The House of Decay [FFA]

map q3tourney6_ctf - Across Space [CTF]


1. Quake 3 was updated to Quake 3 Team Arena
(if you want to play you need to update to Q3: Team Arena and uptdate to latest Q3 PointRelease 1.32c)

2. New CTF Maps was added:
- All Threewave CTF maps was added to server!
- All Team Arena maps available!

New updates for the next week!
We expect more online players now because there are no many differences between Quake Live and our server! Join Us!
/connect q3.hubsinfo.net

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